Are you a responsibe tourist?

Here’s my piece that appeared in The Hindu (Mumbai edition), where I wrote about the Earth Mela. While the event has concluded, you can still get tips on sustainable tourism from my piece. To read, click here


Eating my way through Auckland

Pani puri shells filled with creamy vanilla ice-cream. A smooth, creamy meringue topped with sliced, ripe strawberries that sit upon a sugary crust. Dishes with names like ‘ugly carrot’ …I found all this and more in Auckland, New Zealand, and wrote about it in the Janaury 2018 issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine (India and South Asia):



Revisiting Seoul, South Korea

The first time I visited Seoul, I was in my teens. We’d gone there on a family vacation and it was probably the first time I was introduced to kimchi, tofu stew, seaweed preparations, and other such delicious treats. Apart from the food, I was also taken in by their rich history: tales of power and passion set around the Joseon dynasty. And there there was their unique culture: workaholics who never missed their weekly jjimjilbang sessions.

If you find yourself in Seoul, on a fly-by visit, this might help; my guide titled , ’48 hours in Seoul’, which printed in the January 2018 issue of Man’s World Magazine, India



Walk in the woods, by night

There’s something alluring about the woods. Even when illuminated by the scorching rays of the sun, they seem to hold many-a-mysteries. It’s as though secrets lurk in the thick foliage, peek through the branches above, and whisper in the crackling of bramble beneath your feet. But the enigma really comes alive in the play of shadow and light, as I discovered on my recent Redwoods tree-walk, after dark.

Read my article on the Redwoods of Rotorua, New Zealand, which printed in the January 2018 issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine, India and South Asia


Old is new again, in Singapore

Who would’ve  thought that a 5th Century BC art-form would give rise to the cutting-edge technology behind the Trick Eye Museum, Singapore. Find out more by reading my article (below), which printed in The Hindu Metroplus. Or click here


The floor is lava - Pune - The HinduThe floor is lava - Pune - The Hindu-2

What to eat in Taiwan?

Stinky tofu, ice-cream spring rolls, spicy snails, and more…

I am blessed in that I have no food restrictions and no allergies.

So, on a trip to Taiwan, I ate my way through the capital city of Taipei, and wrote about it for the Economic Times Panache Travel supplement:



In which a snake entered my apartment

So, what do you do when a 6-foot-long rat-snake enters you apartment? You write a story, of course!
And as I was writing this piece for The Hindu (Mumbai Edition), I learnt about the fantastic bio-diversity of my city, Mumbai. We’ve got an enviable coastline, a 103-odd sq. kilometre national park in the city (which makes Central Park in NYC look teeny-tiny!); we’ve got mangroves and salt-pans. And with all of this come the colourful birds, fantastic marine life (we’ve even got anemones), leopards, and as many as 33 (confirmed) varieties of snakes right across the city.
To protect Mumbai’s bio-diversity, in the face of climate-change, there’s still a lot we can do collectively and individually. To find out more, click here